Chasomeri Tavern

Chasomeri means “a waste of time” in Greek. Our “Chasomeri” is in the heart of the old neighbourhood of Vamos. It is a small but exceptional venue. A venue full of surprises waiting to be discovered.

First of all there is the food. The cook in “Chasomeri” is Evgenia and her cuisine is plentiful, inventive, and one of the tastiest in all of Apokoronas. The menu is often changing, but for sure you have to try the "pastourma" (camel meat) pie and “kelemia” (stuffed onions). The sweets that you will be offered by Dimitris for dessert are handmade by Evgenia, and you will be drinking raki made by Yiorgos from the elegant grape varietals “malvazia” and “moschato”, probably the best you can find in Apokoronas!

Very often in the intimate setting of “Chasomeri” you will find there is some interesting cultural event taking place. Cinema, live music, talks, exhibitions, all these things which are food for the brain and soul enable us to “waste our time” in a creative way.

The paintings on the walls are there for decoration, of course, but they are also changed often so that there is always a thematic exhibition going on. So you will find tributes to several schools and styles of painting, to several kinds of music, and themes covering photography, politics, human society, and even works by temporary artists, Greek or foreign.