Nearby Gorges

Samaria Gorge (65 km from Vamos)

Samaria gorge is the most famous gorge on Crete and also the longest gorge in Europe. Every year it visited by thousands of people and therefore is by far the most popular walk. The Samaria gorge is part of the National Park of Samaria and is open to the public from the beginning of May till the end of October. The walk is 16 kilometres long. It starts at Xiloskalo and ends at the Lybian sea in Agia Roumeli. Every Thursday an excursion to Samaria gorge can be booked via our office.

Practical Information

Start/End: Xyloskalo/Agia Roumeli
Distance:  16 km
Time:        5 - 6 hours
To see Samaria gorge on Google maps Click here

Imbros Gorge (34 km from Vamos, direction Choria Sfakion)

The entrance of the Imbros gorge is at the village of Imbros (780m above sea level) and the end at the village of Komitades (close to Chora Sfakion). The walk is 7 kilometres long and easy, and therefore also suitable for children. The narrowest part of the Imbros gorge is only 2 metres so you can almost touch the two sides with both hands extended! It is one of the few gorges that are passable in wintertime (except if there is heavy rainfall).
Some useful tips: First drive your car to the end of the gorge in the village of Komitades. There, in one of the local tavernas, ask the locals for a transfer to the top of the gorge, so when you finish your walk you reach your car and you can continue your excursion with a nice drive to the south coast (especially on a warm day when you can enjoy the beach).
Another way to walk the gorge is to walk as far as the narrowest part, (almost 2/3 of the total walk and the most beautiful part) and then walk back. This way you don't need a transfer.

Practical Information

Start/End:  Imbros/Komitades
Distance:   7 km
Time:         2,5 - 3 hours
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Diktamos Gorge (25 km from Vamos, direction Kalives and then Stylos village)

The Dikatmos gorge runs between the villages of Katochori and Faragi (close to Stylos) and is one of the few gorges on Crete that does not have a north - south direction. It is a very beautiful, green and shady gorge with many plane trees. It takes about 3 hours to cross the 7 km gorge and at some point you will need to do a bit of scrambling.
Some useful tips: First drive to Kalives and then toward Kalami, and then before reaching Kalami turn left to the village of Stylos: 1km before arriving at Stylos there is a very visible sign "Farangi" which you can follow to the end of the gorge. First, though, go into Stylos square and book a taxi to drive you to the beginning of the gorge.
Another way of walking this gorge is to drive to the starting point in the village of Katochori and walk the first half, which is most shady part, and then turn back.

Practical Information

Start/end:   Katochori/Faragi
Distance:    7 km
Time:          3 hours
To find Diktamos gorge on Google maps Click here

Aradena Gorge (70 km from Vamos, direction Chora Sfakion)

Aradena Gorge is a very spectacular gorge with impressive high walls and a variety of plants. This gorge is quite remote and at the bottom of the gorge, on Marmara Beach, there is no access by car. From there you can walk to Loutro along a coastal path. Close to the bottom of the gorge, high up on the sides, there is a colony of vultures.
Some useful tips: Drive to Chora Sfakion via Vrisses, 1 hour and 10 minutes. When you reach Chora Sfakion park the car and book a taxi to Anopoli, the beginning of Aradena George ( Sfakia –Anopoli 20 km, taxi cost about 25 euro). Walk the gorge to Marmara beach (5 km in total), enjoy the beautiful beach there and the nice simple taverna. From Marmara beach you have 3 options:
- Take a taxi boat from Marmara beach to Loutro or to Sfakia
- Continue the walk along the beach (E4 path) to the village of Loutro (Marmara- Loutro 1:30 hours), and from here you can take the boat to Choria Sfakion.
- Continue to walk the E4 from Loutro – Sfakia (1:30 hours).
(The timetables for the boat and taxi boat can be provided by our office).
Alternatives ways of walking Aradena:
- Aradena-Marmara-Livaniana–Aradena (12 km , about 4-5 hours)
- Loutro-Livaniana-Aradena gorge-Loutro (11km, about 4-5 hours)
The Aradena gorge and the possible round-trip walks are very well marked by the "Mountaineering Club of Chania": with red and green markers for the gorge itself and there are clear signs towards Livaniana and Marmara. From Marmara you will see the signs of the E4 that will guide you to Loutro (yellow/ black markers).

Practical Information

Start/End:   Aradena/Marmara
Distance:    6 km
Time:          2- 3 hours
To find Aradena gorge on Google maps Click here