Road trips in Chania region

Vamos is ideally situated at a strategic point allowing short excursions to other places of interest in Chania region.

1. Vamos - Kefalas - Kokkino Xorio - Gavalochori - Douliana - Vamos, 28 km: an asphalt road through well-preserved traditional neighbourhoods, the combination of medieval, 19th century, and modern architecture, impressive village churches, old schools, cultivation and wild nature, a nice view of the Northern Cretan sea and the White Mountains will follow you, where you can meet the locals in the village squares. Watch Road trip on Map

2. Vamos – Therissos 45 km/35 km (return): a beautiful asphalt road at 1000m in height with a breathtaking view of Souda bay, through amazing natural structures, passing by the gorges of Macheri, Diktamos, and Therisos, dramatic natural contrasts with wild dry hills, green forest hills, & old rustic villages. Watch Road trip on Map

3. Vamos - Georgoupoli - Lake Kournas - waterfalls of Argiroupoli, 25 km: a nice asphalt road enjoying a view of the White Mountains on the right, and the Georgioupoli bay on the left, visit the lake after Georgoupoli where you can enjoy the flora and fauna from a pedalo, and then drive to Argiroupoli via Kournas village, where you can admire rich green natural beauty and the freshwater falls. Watch Road trip on Map

MapApokoronasCover4. Vamos - Kalamitsi Aleksandrou - Vrises - Alikambos - Vafes – Tzitzifes - Fres - Pemonia - Kania - Vamos, 28 km: an easy asphalt road through traditional villages, a green forest road, a stop for a Greek yogurt and honey under the big planes in Vrisses beside the river, and for the wine connoisseur- wine tasting at the best Cretan wine producer in the area, Dourakis, in Alikampos., and drive through the unspoiled village of Vafes and Tzitzifes, and drink a coffee in the amazing square of Fre. Watch Road trip on Map

5. Vamos - Vrisses - Askifou -Imbros - Xora Sfakion - Anopoli - Aradena - Agios Ionannis , 65 km: an easy asphalt road featuring dramatic natural contrasts passing through the White Mountains, then leaving them to drive south through the plain of Askifou and enjoy the view of the Imbros Gorge (easy walking gorge, 2&½ hours walk) and the Libyan Sea. When you arrive at Chora Sfakion, a small village with tavernas, take the road heading west to the scenic village of Anopoli and Aradena George. The view is breathtaking, difficult to describe in words. Watch Road trip on Map

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