Seasonal Activities - Gathering and Harvest

Olive Picking

Olive Picking, Organic Olive Oil production & Olives making - The old way
Dates: every Saturday/Sunday of November
Time - Duration: 09:00 - 15:00
Min. persons: 6
Max.: 20-25
Cost: 35 Euro per person / 18 Euro per child (8-15 years old)
Included: coffee, picnic (organic Cretan food), 1 lt of organic olive oil & ½ kg of olives
Programme: We will start at 09:00 from the Tourist Office in Vamos. We will follow Manolis the owner of the olive grove with our cars up to the village of Paidochori. We will find ourselves in an ancient olive grove containing trees over 300 years old and up to 700 years old. The nets are neatly spread under the trees and then picking starts. We will pick the olive fruits the old way, with a so called olive comb.. The old way harvesting has no environmental footprint, no carbon dioxide left in the environment as well as no noise from machines. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Of course we will enjoy coffee and a delicious picnic in the grove with pure Cretan flavors.
After the picking is done, Manolis will show us tips on how to make our own tasteful olives. We may follow him to the local olive mill to watch the process of olive oil making the old way, by pressing the fruits. We will have the unique chance to try the freshest organic olive oil in our life - it is “heaven”.
We will take a litre of fresh organic extra virgin olive oil and a cup of olives with us to enjoy home.

Orange picking

Plus using oranges to flavour sweets and other dishes.

Picking oranges is the easiest possible harvesting process; moreover you are surrounded by the wonderful aroma of the fruit and out in beautiful scenery surrounded by orange trees. Guests who want to learn more about cooking with oranges will be able to create interesting and unusual recipes guided by our resident cook.
Available: December until May
Duration: Flexible
Cost: On request (Discounts for groups)

Gathering wild herbs

Plus cooking various recipes

Our local expert lady will teach you to gather different varieties of wild herbs and to cook healthy recipes with them: salads, pies, and lamb in wine with potatoes.
Available: December until May
Duration: Flexible (Discounts for groups)
Cost: On request (Discounts for groups)

The grape harvest

From the end of August till the end of September the people of Vamos and the surrounding villages are occupied with gathering grapes and making wine. Visitors can join them in the vineyards for the grape harvest and then at the wine press for the wine making. They will also be able to see the preparation of traditional dishes made using wine and the "must" (grape residue).
Available: August / September
Duration: Flexible
Cost: On request (Discounts for groups)

Raki distillation

October is the month for the production of raki. It usually takes place from the 10th to the 20th of October (about 40 days after the grapes have been collected) and it is quite an interesting procedure. Visitors can attend the local "rakokazana", the places where raki is produced, and enjoy not only this procedure but also the multiple fiestas that always happen during this season. Just be careful with the raki consumption!
Available: October
Duration: Flexible
Cost: On request (Discounts for groups)